20 January 2014 Jacopo Nardiello

Hello world

After quite a while I finally launched my personal website. I’ve tried multiple times in the past and I’ve been using different platforms (wordpress, medium, ghost) but in the end i was never happy with the final result. I’ve spent by far too many hours trying to build a virtual place i’d be happy to call “home”.

For every time i tried, every time i ended up being just frustrated. While reaching a nice appearance has been always the easiest part, knowing that the content was published with platforms that were (at best) “black bagic” and on which i had very little control has been always extremely frustrating. I wanted something simple, where i owned the content, on which i could hack easily (without an unreasonable amount of time spent studying random documentation) and where content was king.

So far, everything i tried either required lot of time spent in configuration, unreasonable server/platform costs or my published content was owned by third parties (or a mix of these).

Finally i reached equilibrium. Switched to Jekyll, crafted the theme (Tenzo), hosted on github.

Here i’ll be writing mostly about coding and computer science, occasionally about math and life. It will be an interesting adventure writing here and i hope that you will enjoy the ride with me. You can follow me on twitter or add to your favurites the rss feed.

PS: English isn’t my first language, it is very very likely that i’ll make mistakes. Please, if you spot any, open an issue on github.