4 February 2016 Jacopo Nardiello

Goodbye WorkDigital, Goodbye London

January was my last month at WorkDigital and, more generally, in London. My year-long journey with them has been a hell of a ride. Their domain of work is complex and particularly interesting. I owe them the chance of working on some really puzzling problems from which I genuinely learnt a lot.

What I’m really proud of

During the last year I worked on (many) different things and mostly touched every part of the core company platform. I spent time on a wide range of activites spanning from rewriting internal core components, refactoring old bits of forgotten code, played/benchmarked candidate tools and frameworks, cracked the good old “how the hell do we process javascript” problem and mostly annoyed my colleagues with “did you test this and that?”. In the meantime I organized and hosted a few meetups in the DHI silicon rounabout offices, worth mentioning Codebar and the Global Day of Code Retreat with the folks at @8thligh.

But of course, all this was only during our spare time. Our true main activity at the office was playing street-fighter. Woaaah

Or sumo. Sumo

What didn’t go that well

Despite the overall good work we carried on I still feel a few things could have been done in a different (better) way:

A big thank you

Working with the WorkDigital team was a turning point in my career. I learnt a lot, it was a great experience and I met some great people. I really couldn’t ask for more.

To the whole team, a big thank you. You guys really made my days.

What is next

My next adventure is starting soon and it will be a blast. Just stay tuned.